Video Creation - A Challenge for an Old Dino like me


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I am absolutely new to this game and NOT tech savvy. An old buddy, Dave McNab and I recently reacquainted through the FB pages. We worked together in the late 80's. What a pair of old dogs now. Dave liked some of my pics over on FB and sent me a message about this website. Boy what a mistake he made ! Credit where Credit due, thanks to Dave and Mario for the patience with my email questions that went on, and on, and on.....until I finally got somewhat sorted out. Have only posted 2 videos so far and both got the "Limited" nod, but I have been encouraged to persevere towards a future "Full" goal. We shall see ? My stuff is primarily Trailcam videos but I also have a few of my jackass self in the outdoors. The $0.02 I have already made is encouraging too. Stay tuned. Thanks again Dave and Mario, I know you guys had to have been shaking your heads in the past coupla weeks. Ciao.