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I became an accidental user of Rumble, saw an interesting video somewhere and it brought me to the sign up page, I love Imgur so thought |I would join and check it out. I came on about three times and for the life of me could not figure out how to explore new or random submissions, I work in the computer/internet business and am quite literate but this was the most complex site I have ever tried to navigate. How about some easy to follow or step by step instructions for new users.


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You can use "Tag Videos" to browse newer uploads, otherwise you can browse through using the main channels on the left or using the search at the top of the page.

Also, always open to listening to suggestions on how things can be improved.


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I have tagged a couple of videos and have earned nothing. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before my earnings are visible or should they be visible after I tag a video? Can someone please explain how this works? Thank you!


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hi i'm adrianab abd now i don't know how to vote the videos and photos in the site because when i tries to vote clicking the buttons under videos and photos i return to the video and i don't have the cash can someone help me?


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#Akasha24 : You have to wait a certain amount of time.

#adrianab : Are you on mobile ? Because you cant tag with mobile.


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Hello. Before paying $ 0.05 per "tag" videos and now I pay nothing for days. Nor let me see my referral.

I use google translate


Rumble has gone through a lot of changes during their first year, but continues to make many positive improvements and enhancements which will increase usage, exposure and profit for video creators. Here's an article that I wrote and will continue to update about Rumble that should answer a lot of your questions.


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Some pending for 6 weeks and others rumbling for 15 weeks. The trick is to be patient and let it run it's course.


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so janadsf me cadastrei ontem como faço para fazer tags e como funciona estou meio perdida alguem pode me ajudar


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Janadsf, please, write only in English here!
Janadsf, por favor, escreva somente em inglês aqui! Vou falar pro pessoal te responder em inglês e depois você traduz.

He wants to know how to tag a video.


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Rumble in the first year, in order to gain visitors promise paying $ 0.05 per "tag" videos and they keep their promise for some time... After that they change the terms of using their site and stopped to pay tagging. I have accumulate with tagging $9.50 but the minimum amount to cash out is $50... All my work for 1 year is lost if I don't upload some video... Now that is a REAL "positive improvements and enhancements which will increase usage"!!! Congratulations Rumble Team!


Hi @Vectordady, Good comment with good feedback!

Rumble's version of "Tagging" was flawed from the beginning and 5 cents per "Tag" was hardly a game winning revenue and/or traffic building strategy. However, embracing YouTube with a "Profit Sharing" option for members which differed from Rumble's original business strategy was a wise choice, a positive improvement and enhancement. In addition, Rumble has continued to add several new partnerships for even more revenue generation potential.

Right now, I believe Rumble's biggest failure is their inability to deliver "Rumble" Results and Payments on a consistent and timely basis. They are also currently failing to communicate and respond to member comments on the Community Page...specifically about missing and/or late Payouts.

Rumble is doing a lot of things right and has much to offer Video Creators, unfortunately, I don't see a big future for Video "Taggers" and I believe the minimum amount to cash out was always $50.00. We just need to figure out a way for you to earn $40.50 more with Rumble and get you paid. Good luck and best wishes always!