Using a VPN


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I notice how Dan Bongino is advocating to use a VPN, ‘Express VPN’; but the fact of the matter is that this particular VPN is headquartered in the United States & they have a responsibility under the current law to give up any information about you if the Federal Gov’t wants that information; which is why you should never use a VPN headquartered in your own country. If the Chinese did this & their gov’t found out about it, they could be imprisoned or even executed for having done so. Because there, your not allowed to use a VPN. Many do though, which is how they get around their gov’t; often buying things with cryptocurrencies outside their country which their gov’t can’t keep track of. They all use only VPN’s from countries other than their own. It makes no sense to get a VPN from your own country since the whole idea of having a VPN is to keep your information away from prying eyes, & the gov’t is a big prying eye. Believe me. They want to know everything about you. If you have any electronic device in your house, they are probably not only listening to you, but video taping right now as well. All appliances practically now have those capabilities. Did you know that if you have an iPhone for instance, your phone is recording you even when your power is turned off?Nobody can get away with murder these days. My suggestion is to use a pay-for-one whose server is outside this country. I use & like VyprVPN’s service by Goldenfrog. Free VPN’s are not to be trusted. If they were, they wouldn’t be free in the first place. They have 4 different protocols you can choose to get setup with, including ‘WireGuard‘ as their most ‘advanced’ protocol. Also another word of caution is that most VPN’s are owned by Chinese companies; so that should tell you something. Choose one that is not.