Understanding my video numbers

Hello all!,
Last year (literally a year ago yesterday), i posted a video of my dog thinking my nephews stuffed dog was real and he had a convo/argument with this new intruder. I had literally 50 views then all of a sudden in the last 4 weeks it shot up to 5100 views. Can I find out why? It was limited distribution but now im making average $5 a day.
Go into your account, then Stats & Analytics, on the left you can use all sorts of filters. Just play with the filters to see all the different stats. Hope that helps.
@enkeithepug it's probably an embedded video from a website that got dug up again and people started watching again. It just shows, never dismiss old videos! They might come back to life! Happens to me quite frequently. This is the good thing with what we're doing, once it's online it's there to stay and you never know when it will hit again and surprise you. :)
It was only limited in distribution. All monies are coming from the Rumble page and not 3rd party. I tried to see if video was highlighted or whatnot during a certain day but i can't find anything. Right now its cooling off but still better than 5 views:)