Understanding how the new Rumble works.


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SO technically is there a way to reverse Rumble rights to a video place on the rumble system. My biggest issue is I'm just not comfortable with the accounting. I'd rater just have the videos on you tube and deal with it in that manner. I think rumble is ok for some but for me my anxiety and comfort level just isn't were it needs to be:( I've been on here for about 1 1/2 yrs and I'M still not comfortable or sure about the accounting process.:(


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You can take your video's right s back if you chose the Rumble Only license, exclusive licenses are perpetual, regardless of your level of comfort with the platform's operations everyone's payment have been processed within the expected time frame and we're just dealing with some reporting issues, which have had no effect int the earnings.

If you want more details as to how we operate I invite you to send an email to support and I'll do my best to answer.


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I can tell you that I've been on Rumble since February and have made some decent earnings. I've been paid and the money arrived smoothly in my account. Aside from finding it hard to predict or understand exactly how this all works, I've found Rumble to be a great way to make money.
It would be easier if questions were answered promptly by somebody in the know instead of having other users try to help new users.

Basically though, if you watch your views and earnings go up, and then wait about 120 days, you can cash out. There is a delay. But Youtube hasn't paid me anything in almost two years because I haven't reached $100. I've made 40x the earnings through Rumble.
Rumble pays better and promotes your videos. I don't know of a better system.
Please give RUMBLE chances I'm a newbie on the scene today but I can say this.... Rumble has given me a chance to join their organization which they didn't have to.... I believe they believe in me and respectively want to give me chances to contribute to RUMBLE Community so lighten up RUMBLE is what it is.... Peace out.