Understanding how the new Rumble works.


Hi @Slewis76 I just reviewed your account, you have already selected cash out and should receive payment during the next payment cycle. You'll see that it says pending now under cash out.


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I don't know if this is a browser related problem (although tried Chrome, FF and IE), but my 'cash out' button doesn't seem to work. Tried this at work earlier today and now tonight at home. Nothing happens and I can't seem to find any information (like 'pending' text somewhere) if pushing the button has actually done something. There is more than $70 to cash out on my account.


@lasse did you select the confirm cash out button after you clicked cash out? It should say pending within the account overview box underneath the cashout amount. Please let me know if you're still experiencing issues cashing out. Thanks


If you are using some AdBlock software, it can happen, that they block the confirmation pop-up, that @TiffanyTTse was mentioning. If you use any of this kind of software, try to deactivate it first, and try cash out again.


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Thanks for the tips. I indeed had an AdBlock activated on the browser I normally use, but deactivating it didn't seem to affect anything. the confirmation pop-up does not pop up. :p Not with Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Only thing that happens is the Cash Out button changes its color from black to green when I take the mouse cursor above it, but I get no confirmation request. I have cashed out couple of times before without problems, last time was last September.


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Dear:TiffanyTTse ,DavidMcNab ,,,
I do not understand why not browse video rumble too long it takes a few days, I make the news if the news was delayed because of waiting Rumble video browser, it will affect the view and reduce the rate of turn acts as the at the time the news was through that dictionary, you can promote moderation Rumble co schemes more quickly?

look forward receive reply from you
thank you so much


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Is there anywhere I can read about cashing out for the first time?
Is there any penalties to doing so?
Do the videos carry on earning after I have taken out what I've earned so far.


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Thanks for your insight. Would you recommend rumble for 5-10 minute video?

I can tell you that I've been on Rumble since February and have made some decent earnings. I've been paid and the money arrived smoothly in my account. Aside from finding it hard to predict or understand exactly how this all works, I've found Rumble to be a great way to make money.
It would be easier if questions were answered promptly by somebody in the know instead of having other users try to help new users.

Basically though, if you watch your views and earnings go up, and then wait about 120 days, you can cash out. There is a delay. But Youtube hasn't paid me anything in almost two years because I haven't reached $100. I've made 40x the earnings through Rumble.
Rumble pays better and promotes your videos. I don't know of a better system.


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