Understanding how the new Rumble works.


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my video has over 400k views in total here on rumble and its been up a month now and so far ive only earned $14?! and betty told me it would accumilate in a month! that over $400 in revinue can someone explain this garbage to me?


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Hello @TheJamaicanGamer7

Simple answer. You disputed our claim on YouTube and blocked us from generating revenue for you. Those views that we are tracking happened on YouTube, which you blocked on us from monetizing for you (but we can still track the views and report it for you in our dashboard).


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I still don't get this. I've submitted a video for non-exclusive and I didnt get an upfront payment? Also, just curious, what does turnaround time mean?


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woah, as a new user and of course keen aficionado of getting paid for my content this isnt a great post to be reading....alarm bells springs to mind....


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I can tell you that I've been on Rumble since February and have made some decent earnings. I've been paid and the money arrived smoothly in my account. Aside from finding it hard to predict or understand exactly how this all works, I've found Rumble to be a great way to make money.
It would be easier if questions were answered promptly by somebody in the know instead of having other users try to help new users.

Basically though, if you watch your views and earnings go up, and then wait about 120 days, you can cash out. There is a delay. But Youtube hasn't paid me anything in almost two years because I haven't reached $100. I've made 40x the earnings through Rumble.
Rumble pays better and promotes your videos. I don't know of a better system.


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Hello everyone

I've just noticed that a video we created and uploaded onto our youtube (16 Jul 2016) account has gone relatively viral. However, this has been due to a user on here who broke our copyright, and downloaded our video and uploaded it to his Rumble account (2 days ago). Hence, he has potentially received and still receiving earnings which should be coming to us.

How do i go about informing Rumble of this breach an ensure the video is reverted back to us and any earnings received by the user is reclaimed and passed onto us.

We have now created an account on here.

Any advice would be appreciated


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Hi David

I'd love to, but can't find the link to do that. Would welcome any advice on how to do that.

thanks in advance


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thanks for the replies guys. I decided to email the support folk directly give them the details of what has happened.

They acknowledged that user had broken my copyright on the video. They have therefore diverted any monetization that culprit received and to be received, to my account. That video has also been 'disassociated' from that said culprits account.

Thanks for the help


Rumble - thanks for removing the spam! David - your comment isn't spam - someone posted some spam right after your post and it was removed - it just looks like I said your post was spam! Lol