I had Twitter a couple years ago for awhile but I could not figure out how it worked. I thought I did and wrote a few things to people but never heard back or even saw my tweet anywhere. Same goes for Parler now. I can read stuff but when I write to people I don't see it or get any response. Seems like a waste of my time so I gave up on both. I got Fakebook years ago but really did not grasp that at all. People I did not even know would send me things about them eating and what vitamin supplements they were taking etc. It freaked me out so I deleted it after only 8 hours. I guess I am just not meant to be involved with such things. I really do not see the attraction to these things. I didn't understand My Space either. My sister said I was MySpace Challenged. LOL I collect live music of many bands and would do searches for shows I was at or needed for my collection and back then MySpace pages would come up in a search a lot. I would go there and not find anything related to my search at all! Frustrating to say the least. Same was true with Facebook when they would come up in a search.
But from what I understand these places are deleting anything people post that show anything against Democrats or what they think is true. That is not free speech and they need to be dealt with now.
Lol - They are sooooo full of shit!
Stopped using twitter all together. I had 12000 followers, I miss them. Twitter suspended me when I told Jake Tapper I couldn't wait for them to hang Adam Schiff for treason. That was merely a statement. Twitter can kiss my ass. I have sold all my stock and I pray others will follow. The only thing they understand and are about is, they worship money, control and power. They don't deserve it, nor do they represent our free thinking. The sooner we slay the Giant the better.