Trump on Rush Limbaugh


Can't believe I am the first to bring this up unless I missed a thread? I don't think I did but I am new here.
He was very good IMO especially considering what he has just went through. He just did a 2 hour almost non stop exchange that was very honest and from the heart. He is the man for this job no question about it.


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The Constitution was fought and died for.
There is nothing in the Constitution that says " one will ever need fight for these things again because we wrote them down on this parchment"

The words are powerless if people don't stand up for them. Here's a list of modern civil wars and collapsed societies:
- Venezuela
- Cuba
- Spain
- China
- Iran
- Iraq
- Turkey
- many countries in Africa (including South Africa)

Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. - the countries founded by the English - have not had lasting economic collapse or civil war in a very long time. Maybe overdue? We in the U.S. had our Civil War a long time ago - 160 years ago.

I'm not sure what it is about stealing other people's property, but usually, civil wars are started for that reason. The Southerners' wealth was concentrated in owned slaves. When slaves were made free, the Southerners lost all their wealth and the nearly-free labor from the captives.

1) talk to other people who have fled their home country and ask them what the signs were in the government and society in the lead-up to the failure of democracy and the economy. In Venezuela's case, there was a long downturn that commenced when Hugo Chavez was elected and began stealing - 'nationalizing' - other people's companies. (Chavez' daughter is now a billionaire because of it)

2) assess whether those symptoms are manifest today in our country

3) leave the country before the collapse

Many people have already bailed out and/or created citizenship in a non-U.S. country.

The thing that is different: when a country like Venezuela collapses, it does not hit the global economy very much. Their currency is not pervasive on the world stage. Their economy at its peak was a tiny slice of the world total economy.

But the U.S. dollar *is the world's reserve currency* and the U.S. is the largest economy.

So I'm not sure that leaving the U.S. will help for very long. If the U.S. fails, the entire planet will be at war in very short order due to the lack of stability.

Humans HATE lack of stability. It makes people edgy. It makes people desperate when the economy fails. Desperate people do desperate things.

If the U.S. becomes desperate, the entire planet will fail. Very quickly.

The U.S. is the global shot-caller. Mainly due to the currency.

The surface of the planet can be turned to CHARCOAL in under 60 minutes. It is likely first-strike nuclear weapons would be deployed. Then it is all over for humans.