Trump, Covid-19, and the Media

President Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19. The first reaction by the mainstream media (MSM) was to blow the story up and create a dramatic impression that he might get very ill, or worse. Numerous leftist liberals even went, disgustingly, so far as to wish for his death or a severe illness.

Then, when it turned out he only had mild symptoms (thank God), the MSM focused on how he was endangering the lives of others by going in the SUV around the hospital (while everyone in the SUV had protective gear and even plastic dividers). He simply wanted to show his gratitude toward all who were there to show their support.

Then the President was released from the hospital, and went back to the White House, where he appeared on the balcony, far away from the crowd. Hence, in such a situation, a mask serves no purpose for self-evident reasons. The MSM again went nuts, accusing the President of endangering others by not wearing a mask.

Now that he seems to be doing well, soms in the MSM are floating a theory that he never contracted the virus in the first place.

So, to sum it up: the MSM hate the President so much, that they will create a negative story (drama and fantasies and theories) about him, whether he is ill, or recovering nicely, or not showing symptoms.

Understand this people: the rest of the world is watching the MSM too and more and more people are waking up to the ever fraudulent nature of their reporting…. and this includes the censoring of conservatives on social media, which is also getting noticed.

The MSM and the big social media platforms may think that they are achieving something with all this fraud and censoring, but the long term effect is the exact opposite: people will create conservative alternatives and the MSM’s increasing lack of credibility will eventually be a losing strategy which will lead to decreasing viewing numbers, and thus decreasing revenues…..


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I for one will generally not vote for a MSM popular candidate - who usually will be Democrat, liberal, socialist, or various other extremes inclusive of hating law enforcement groups or individuals.