Top Tips for Video Creation


The hardest part for me has been getting referrals to trust that if they keep uploading, they will see results. This would be my advice to anyone listening. Sometimes your least favorite video hits and your favorite flops. Don’t sweat bad comments, negative rumbles, or not getting full distribution. Keep uploading. Patience and persistence really does payoff here. It’s a very fun hobby for me and I don’t spend too much time shooting or editing but I’ve made over $63,000.
63,000 dollars is good


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Hola, solo han pasado unos días desde que me uní a esta maravillosa plataforma, no sé cómo funciona para obtener vistas e ingresos claros, pero de algo si estoy seguro, tienes que subir videos y más videos, el trabajo duro Al final debe pagar. Gracias y saludos a todos