Top new features Rumble should implement


There's a lot more than 3, but limiting myself here.

1. New users need a rudimentary introduction and mission statement explaining Rumble's target market and explaining the platforms options. Ideally have a welcome guide that starts by asking "Are you looking to: a. sell viral clips b. create content for general sharing c. view content based on your interests." Then have a guide or tutorial that handholds people through the platform. (Yeah yeah theres a FAQ and this msg board but maybe people looking for funny cat videos don't have the attention span for that :rolleyes:)
2. CREATE A BROWSE FEATURE where we can sort the entire video library by category (make categories too), earnings, popularity, rumbles, length, upload date, quality, etc. allowing viewers to easily navigate interesting videos (like maybe I can finally filter out all these 5 second dog videos)
3. When auto-playing a new video after the first one it should update to the new title, rumbles, and comments on the website.

This seems to be the most popular topic on the forum, maybe we can use this discussion to prioritize and think tank this. Let's give Rumble a free research group study :)


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Let us see our subscribers, this will help us build a sense of community.
Give us better tools to create our channel pages. We take a lot of pride in how this looks and it’s also important for people trying to create a brand.
Easier and more user friendly editing options