Top earner

I have never seen any video,s on here that have been on tv and I have been on here over a year ,how often do these come up and where can I find them ?. The tv shows I mean .
I've had two clips on one Santander bank commercial. This was very lucrative. I've had a recent video appear on Right This Minute dot com.
I haven't seen the earnings appear yet and I don't know what they will be.
When I arranged something similar on my own, through my YT channel (prior to being with Rumble), it didn't pay nearly as much.
So a mystery I had form the beginning. This extra earnings, how do they show up on your earnings list? Dose it say the name of the company that monetised it, or it just appears under the category "others"?
I had three videos, that TV companies were interested in and Rumble contacted me several times with questions which I gladly answered, but not sure what happened after that. I haven't heard back. @Mario if you do know anything more, I would be grateful if you could email me. I know payment will take a while, that's fine, I just like to know if the licence deal went through in the end?