Thousands of 3rd party views suddenly appeared on my videos

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I just noticed a huge increase in views for a great number of my videos. It could amount to several hundred thousand views total which I do not believe were there a few days ago.
Can anyone explain this? I just joined Rumble in February.
I really hope this translates into earnings.
Same case happened to 1 of my vid,,grows up in a short period of time,i think 5days it reached 800k views uploaded last Feb2016...but it suddenly dropped down to 14k views only this i say dont expect too much..
it's probably accurate, 3rd party views come all at once, I think rumble get the data from them "when they feel like giving it to them" and it tends to come as an avalanche... in my experience this will go slowly though to your cashout balance in drips and drabs... it's been an AWFUL long time since the last 3rd party payout!
3rd party views are worth the most, in my experience. Just for an example, one of my videos that sold has so far earned $4.72 from Rumble, $1.78 from YouTube, and $64.30 from 3rd party. That was only for about 27,500 views from 3rd party. (close to 60,000 all together) I think you'll be very happy with your amount since you have that many views. :)
earthlinglove, this sounds good to me! I hope you're right. Any idea when the earnings will become available? My videos that show 3rd party earnings are about 12 weeks old or more.
Yeah it should be very nice! As for when the earnings will become available, that's the thing with Rumble, it takes a while. From the time your video sold, third party earnings are on average, available in 5-6 months. I sold a video in December 2015 and I got the payment, which included the 3rd party earnings, in June 2016. I've seen others report the same. So, quite a wait, but worth it to me since it pays significantly more than other video sites. Hope that helps
The next third party earnings due are for the videos sold in February.
If most of those views are from Microsoft, you should be in for a big cash. I don't want to 'promise' anything that if not so, will disappoint you, but 350$ what was written above, is a good start from which amount you should start the expectations.
The wait doesn't bother me. This seems like bonus money anyway. I'm glad to hear that it will possibly be significant.
I'd be curious how others have done with Rumble, but I've been more than pleased with the earnings. At this rate, it will pay for a holiday for me and my wife each year. I'm thrilled.
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