Thoughts and Prayers


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First of all thoughts and prayers to Dan, Paula, and the kids. My thoughts and prayers are sent to you along with my strength and Gods will. Bandera TX sends you their prayers as well and wants to let you know we have your back. Warm wishes to your team as well. Blessings from: Bandera TX,


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9 Weird and Wonderful Benefits of Nauli Kriya

Not trying to lecture anyone, compelled to share this link bc Nauli has helped me overcome health problems that no doctor has been able to address without drugs.
Even if you are out of shape and have to start by laying on the floor, in a few days you will begin to feel like a new person.
First thing in the morning before you even have a sip of water do the practice, stay on Step One until YOU want to go on. We are talking 5 minutes a day. It will even improve cognitive function. Your body will start to wake up with force urging you to do the Nauli! LOL :) It's AMAZING.