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Hi , could someone tell me when you receive payment for third party views ,would you normally see the view count on stats and analytics also, has i received payment but don't know how many views there was ? or do they take time to show up?


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Hi Tripwire,

You would see them on your stats and analytics if you filter the view to third party,

Third party views take up to 6 months to show up on your dashboard from the time the video received the views on their particular site, like Aol or Yahoo.


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Yes thanks Mario that is what I thought, no view counts yet but I have still been paid for some third party views,probably just needs updating.


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i receive last 3rd Party payment in December 2016. after that no my stats is update or received a Payment last 9 Months.


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Hi I was paid for third party last month but still no view count I was wondering when they will appear if you click on view all in stats it says I don't have any third party but I do has I have been paid for march