Third party payouts

Hey just wondering if third party payouts are still hovering around the 6 month mark? I almost at 6 and just curious if I should expect it to be a while still. TIA


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Shall we revive this topic? :) Why is MSN late again? Or is it just me?
Yes later than the others AOL ( July 2017) and Yahoo (August 2017) My last MSN was of April 2017. Last month I got an 'Other profit sharing revenue' of August 2017 (I don't know where that one comes from)
MSN is added right into your rumble profit since aug 2017. It won’t show as third party anymore. You can filter your stats to see it 😀
Yes. I know MSN has its own stats now, but I treat Youtube and Rumble as main traffic source and everything else - 3rd party. :) Anyways, I wonder what's going on with MSN. Seems like time between payments is getting longer and longer. Right?