Third party payout late?


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Thanks Mario. That's very helpful and much appreciated.
The truth is that I actually do ask occasionally why a video made "too much" money. An example for me is a drone view of a small skirmish between two horses. The earnings were higher than the views would normally have produced. If I could figure out why, I'd do it a few more times, lol.
I realize that it's random though and trying to duplicate success is a very difficult process that relies on too many factors to get it right.

I've seen you guys working hard down there and that is also appreciated!
And one other thing I've learned is to always keep the camera ready to go.
"always ready to go" is the key. I have missed, driven past, so many opportunities. But you cant always have one eye on the road and one eye(and hand) on a camera. Maybe i need more practice with that skill;-) Bad thing.... here in Vancouver that will get you a nice prize from the boys in blue :-( onward with catching footage when able. Stay tuned .


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Well, I cannot agree if the content is there then people will watch so if viewers are not, then you have to ask the question why?, We should not be competing for the same amount of viewers they are endless millions upon millions, tune into youtube every day and other sites like AOL MSN etc The potential is huge! Also, we are actually bringing in viewers but the third party payments are poor, there is no nice way to put it. That then makes you wonder if you could have had a lot more if it was not on AOL MSN because then they would have to go on Rumble /youtube to be able to watch these videos. That's just my opinion though ...............


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Another 350,000 views at $0.05 on third party. Looks like it is becoming the norm.
@cseh_17 Your points make me think that the more Rumble tries to grow, the more it negatively effects their creators.
Yes, it is so disappointing, I don't understand the 0.05 ?? like David said before, it doesn't seem right this is why I want to see the third party CPM to actually see what the payments were, doesn't look like I'm going to get to see it though.....
so when i use management options or full management how long does it take for 3rd party to accept an video ?


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I'm guessing that the world of video platforms is constantly evolving and growing. I imagine that staying the same will quickly lead to being pushed out by competitors. If so, the changes we are seeing may be necessary, even if they sometimes mean that we see reduced earnings. Some changes will work, others will not.
It would be nice though to have an explanation of what we are seeing and what we can expect.
I know that there have been concerns raised, and I share them, but occasionally I see an older video perform well out of the blue. Another of mine suddenly got 5M views on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel and it makes me think that the secret is still to upload frequently and hope that the earnings come from both old and new videos.