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I believe Evil [the adversary] has found a home in the democrat party. Turning lies into truth and truth into lies. I'm on the side of anyone who denounces abortion. Abortion IS THE WORK OF THE DEVIL, and anyone who would support a political party or candidate that does not openly denounce abortion, will never get my vote or support. I have a couple friends who are pro-life and still vote for democrats. They spout that copout pro-choice crap using religion to support their enabling of it. We were all given choice, so it it is on the heads of those who make that choice to abort their babies. I ask them ''why don't you make the choice to do all you can to stop that choice from ever being made. One friend even goes so far as to rail against the confirmation of Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court. He would rather let some Godless democrat who only believes in God when virtue signaling, to make that decision. I've asked my friend who is a member of the same church as myself, why he longer goes to church. His answer, ''Because he is fighting with the Devil''. Well DUH. I think it's the devil in the MSM.