Subscribers - any pug fans?


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Hi, we are new to rumble! Looking for new subscriptions and anyone else on here that posts pug / animal videos as well as anything car related or just generally funny or interesting to watch :) will subscribe back to anyone that subs to us :)

Looking forward to being part of Rumble and hoping getting more distributed videos... I have a HUGE backlog of videos! One of our instagram videos recently went viral with over 303k views on one page and another on 33k views after 24hours on our own page!


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I wanna subscribe to your rumble account. How do I do that? I clicked on your name and only a small profile of sorts came up. I didn't see a subscribe button/choice.


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I have had problems with finding people on here too. If you click the user name in this forum it does not take you to their video page. It only takes you to the community profile info, Also, several people on here including myself have broken icons where the name and picture only displays as an X. I think there are plans to revamp the site and fix all that. In the meantime, the best way to find the link to someone's video is to go to google and enter the user name and that will usually bring up the link to that persons rumble videos. Once you find the page, you can subscribe. Hope that helps.