Still have questions after FAQ


New member
Hello everyone,

I am new to Rumble. I have read the FAQ, but there are some questions I have that were not there, or were not quite clear on the answer. I searched and found no suitable answer in the forums, so help would be appreciated. If, in fact, these questions have been asked and answered before, I apologize.

1.) I have been posting videos on cloutHub for the last couple of months, and wish to continue doing so. However, I also want to make some money with these videos (cloutHub has a monetization option, I think, but they don't give details on how it works). If I pick the "Exclusive" option, can I still put my videos there or should I be using a different option?
2.) Can I use the Rumble logo in an image in my video when I ask people to follow me? As in "[Logo] @AmericanCyanide?" If so, where do I get the official logos?
3.) My videos are of a political nature, and will vary in duration between 10-20 minutes. So far I have posted 3 videos. Two of them were very short, sort of introductions about 2 minutes long. These were approved right away. However, one is about 10 minutes and this one is still in Pending status (I posted it on 9-26). I understand there has been a spike in users (congrats!), but I am unsure as to whether the length of the video is an issue or not since my shorter ones were approved quickly. Should I be worried?

Thank you.