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Hi everyone,

As Rumble is growing, we are having a lot of NEW members abuse Rumble by spamming their videos and channels. Going forward, any user caught spamming on our website or another website, will have their account immediately suspended. Rumble will have zero tolerance for any type of fraudulent behaviour, which includes spamming comments, forums or other websites. This hurts the integrity of our community and website.

Examples of spamming:
1. Comments on every video say "Subscribe to my channel"
2. Posting an irrelevant video link on a thread in our forums or in a comment on our website or social media
3. There are many other variations of spamming, and its pretty obvious to identify.

Please do not spam.
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I greatly appreciate this. It became very frequent recently.
Thank you.
Maybe we could start a specific thread for spamming, I mean promoting videos.
Oh wait....that was done long ago.
I hope new users find the thread to assist with video promotion. Then all users can choose to look, without getting notifications.
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