Some interesting confusion.


What is a rumble? Is it the same as a like? What are trophies, and what exactly do they mean? And why is the wording here like talking to a Democrap? You folks use words that don't have any meaning to what the word actually means. It's confusing as hell. Words have definite meanings, and when you use them in an odd way, you baffle folks. How about we use words that actually express what they mean, like we did before the internet. Half of a sentence is now lost to acronyms, and it leaves a lot of people at a loss. Is the problem that you younger folks don't know how to spell. Or are you just to lazy to say exactly what you mean? Yeah, I'm old, but you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for old folks. You might want to consider that when you speak in public, if you want everyone to understand you. If you leave half of us out, you're the loser, because you won't have our support or admiration.