Sold Videos - number of distributions

I guess that would be the name of it. Would it be possible to get a tally under the videos sold by the video, how many times it was picked up by someone. I know there is the AOL/Yahoo stuff but isn't there other smaller places that pick them up too? It would be sweet to be able to see when a video got picked up instead of just being able to see the 5 majors. Know what I mean, Vern?


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I hear ya Vern, I think that would be logistically difficult though especially if it goes really viral. Google is a pretty good way to track it and twitter too. I use the advanced search, like in the past 24 hours, after a video is sold. It is so much fun finding the videos in different places.
I do that as well, I is not good at explaining things. Lets say Video A gets sold. Rumble gets it picked up by yahoo, microsoft and AOL. The numbe next to Video A under "# of distributions" would be 3, ya know what I mean? I like to google the videos and found one of them was making the rounds in Japan I think, unless I saw it wrong.