Should I monetize on YouTube while I wait for Rumble to buy the video?

I have it set up so when I upload a video to Rumble it automatically uploads to YouTube. Well I uploaded this video yesterday and it has yet to be bought by Rumble but already has over 4,000 views on YouTube. So I monetized that the right thing to do. If for some reason Rumble doesn't buy the video (I'm pretty sure they will) will it be taken off my YouTube account?
What I do, I monetize immediately and then if Rumble picks it up, then they will take over from there. Monetize immediately that way you don't lose out on any revenue earned. It'll just go to your AdSense until Rumble picks it up.
I have had good experiences with Rumble too. Honestly though, lately it doesn't seem like some of my videos (including this one) are not getting the exposure they deserve. This video, accepted on Feb. 29th, is only at 5,000ish views through rumble. On my YouTube (which Rumble has yet to claim) it is up to almost 40,000 views.