Should I be posting my Rumble Videos to my YouTube Channel?

I've been creating Rumble videos for about 6 months. I've made these videos exclusively for Rumble. I thought that was what Rumble wanted. (I have about 19 that have been sold for 3rd party earnings.) Can I also upload these videos to my YouTube channel? (I have a fairly large following.) What are the advantages/disadvantages to posting these to my YouTube Channel? If I do, can I place a different watermark on the video and add a YouTube end screen to the video?
I realize you can first post to YouTube, then upload to Rumble and give Rumble the URL to the YouTube video. However, in the past when I have done this my videos are only approved for limited distribution. Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I am obviously confussed!


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I don't believe that having them on YouTube first would cause them to go limited. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else thought differently.

There doesn't seem to be a disadvantage to putting them on YouTube at all. I often upload on there after uploading to Rumble. I think it will only increase views. You will see an immediate copyright claim on the video (Usually immediate, but occasionally delayed). Rumble will obviously take their 10%, but it can't reduce views. It can often increase them.

I'm not sure at all about the watermark and ending.
All my videos are on YouTube. I upload there first. I also watermark all of them on YouTube and add an end screen. I always upload a clean copy ( no watermarks or end screens) to rumble. YouTube doesn't effect the licensing.


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We encourage you to promote your videos on your own channel. Additionally, we even have a function where you can upload to Rumble, YouTube, and Facebook at the same time, all from your Rumble upload (auto-syndication function).
Thanks everyone!
@mickeysutube, I wasn't uploading a clean copy to Rumble. I think that is why they were being approved for limited only. Now, that I know better, I'll do better! Thanks!
@DavidMcNab, I had no idea I get 90% revenue on My YouTube channel for videos Rumble claims! I thought it was just on the Rumble YouTube channel. So let me be sure I understand.
Videos claimed on MY YouTube channel by Rumble = 90% revenue
My videos on Rumble's YouTube channel = 90% revenue
Video views on my Rumble channel = 60% revenue
Videos send to other platforms = 60% revenue
Is this correct?
@chrisrumble, Yes, I found that feature and I use it for Dailymotion. But because I use end screens on YouTube, I don't use it for Rumble. I tried it for Pinterest, but the video gets uploaded to every SINGLE board. I really just want it on one board. I'll try the Facebook auto-syndication next time. I hope it loads to Einstein's page, that would be preferred. Really don't want it posted to my personal profile.


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That is exactly correct. Your YouTube channel used to earn you 100% on the views but it will only be 90% after Rumble puts the copyright claim on. AND you get 90% revenue from their YouTube views.
It is extremely rare for you to not benefit from this enough to make up for the 10% loss.
60% is your take on the other platforms.

The only other thing is that views on Facebook do not translate directly to earnings. Yet.

I'm sure people will be doubtful until they see the money, but I've made more here than I would have believed. It is real. And it isn't difficult.
I have turned on all the Auto Syndication features within Rumble. Might as well let Rumble do all the work! Lol. The only thing to realize with Auto Syndication is that your video will be posted to your personal YouTube account immediately upon upload. It doesn't require approval. If it does get approved, and Rumble changes your title slightly, it won't be the same as your personal YT video. Also, it's a crap shoot what thumbnail YT selects, as the one you select in Rumble, doesn't carry over. All mute issues to me for the convenience of Auto Syndication :)

And yes there's money to be made! Patience on Rumble is the key. Lol.
@DavidMcNab @chrisrumble I did an experiment today and uploaded one of my rumble videos (approved for 3rd party) to my youtube channel. I changed the watermark, added an end screen and changed the file name. After 6 hours and 655 views on YouTube it still has not been claimed by Rumble. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your time and patience with me. Here is the YT link
@DavidMcNab @chrisrumble This morning I got an email from Storyful wanting to license that video. Naturally I can't license with Storyful even though Rumble still has not made a claim. Views are stacking up on my YouTube channel for this video, I wish there was a way to let Rumble know.
When you first set up a Rumble account and uploaded your first video, were you contacted by someone at Rumble? If so, send them an email. You can also try I'm sure they have other emails, but it's difficult to find any of them.
Yes, but I blew them off because I thought it was a scam. Later, when I had some time I researched it and discovered it's not. I've since deleted that email. I'll try the support email you suggested. Thanks!
Just got an reply email from support. They will place a claim on it soon.
Now, I am confused about revenue take. @DavidMcNab you said, "Your YouTube channel used to earn you 100% on the views but it will only be 90% after Rumble puts the copyright claim on." Well, I was always under the impression that YouTube is a 55/45 split. Copied below is from the YouTube Partner Program Terms

"Monetization Revenues. YouTube will pay you as follows:

Advertising Revenues. YouTube will pay you 55% of net revenues recognized by YouTube from ads displayed or streamed by YouTube or an authorized third party on your Content watch pages or in or on the YouTube video player in conjunction with the streaming of your Content. YouTube is not obligated to display any advertisements alongside your videos and may determine the type and format of ads available on the YouTube Service. For clarity, YouTube reserves the right to retain all other revenues derived from the YouTube service, including any revenues relating to ads on search result pages."

Where did you read that it was ever 100%?


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You are correct. But I was referring to 100% of "your share" which will be reduced to 90% of that same amount once Rumble owns the video. My intent was not to say that the YouTube user got all of the revenue.
Your facts are accurate.
@DavidMcNab OK, I think I have it straight, but let me put some numbers to it to make sure. Lets say a video on MY YouTube channel made $10.00 of total revenue for a month. YouTube takes 45% ($4.50). My take is 55% ($5.50) minus Rumble's take of 10% ($0.55) equals my net take of $4.95.
These same calculations are performed on my videos that get placed on Rumble's Youtube channel as well.
In addition, there is a 60/40 split for videos on My Rumble channel and those placed on other platforms.
Thanks for your patients with me, you would think a parrot named Einstein would understand this! :>


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I'll put it out there again that I'm just a new content creator who started in February, but I understand it exactly as you said above.
I also believe that your video pays better when the views are increasing more quickly. It's not as simple as total views determining your total earnings. There are some posts on ECPM and the complicated factors that are taken into account.