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I believe there will be a nomination to the Justice of the Supreme Court but it will be tied up in the nomination process by some republican senators to further confuse the process of the Election of POTUS. I also wonder about the Chief Justice, who seems to have been compromised (blackmailed?), if another conservative was elected to the court wouldn't that negate his vote or force him to vote more consistently conservative? I think that would make him useless to whomever is pulling the strings.


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It would make him useless in some cases, but remember Gorsuch and Roberts both betrayed us in the Bostock decision. Seems like they can always find the votes to win against moral values.


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This was my post to an earlier thread:

Any so called republican/conservative in congress who even hints at blocking or delaying the nomination and confirmation of Darth Vader Ginsberg's replacement should themselves be targeted for replacement during his or her next re-election campaign. Let the left moan and complain about it. Don't think for a second if they were in control they wouldn't do the same damn thing.


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Let me be the devil's advocate on what I think will really happen.
1. McConnell does not have the votes to confirm anyone.
2. I think he will hold the voters hostage for the election.
RINOs: "I know we're acting like battered wives and not fighting back. I know I sound like Mr. Milktoast. I know I've folded like a $5 lawn chair every time Chuck Schumer gets to a microphone. But here's your chance to get more of the same. If you don't re-elect all RINO republicans so we keep control of the senate, you might have Supreme Court justice Hillary Clinton! It's all on you, we're going on vacation until December."

Think about it. Martha McSally's campaign is revived from the dead. Lindsey Graham, who's all hat and no cattle, can keep all his friends in DC. Cory Gardner in newly blue Colorado. David Purdue in Georgia turmoil.