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Don't be afraid of anything. We live one day at a time, so take that fear and energize the day you are in, add value to someone, encourage someone, take care of someone, because that makes for a good day. No matter who leads us, we always, always served by the Supreme Supremacy of God, Who doesn't Lord over us, Who has given us a choice to use the mind and will He gave us to receive Him or reject Him, His is a Rulership of Love and this is where we are positioned. If Biden wins, a man who has served no power higher than self, yes, things will be different for sure, but GOD He never leaves or forsakes us, He never changes... He will be with us. So no fear. Just do your part. Get out and vote. This is your "raw political power" over fear of Biden getting elected. God bless you.


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Biden may win, he won't be coming after you for a long time...too busy going after all the high ranking repubs who deserve it. All they had to do was prosecute removing these threats to us all, they refused instead thinking they'd used the corruption to scare us all into keeping them politically alive...I guess by you, there's merit in it. Sick and tired of hearing LAW makers claim they have no prosecutorial power, find someone who does and get it done. Many of them were/are lawyers, some prosecutors (Gowdy) mean to tell me you have no connections to prosecutors? Democrats have no problems prosecuting, why is that?