How long do your videos go rumbling for? In the past they were never rumbling for more that a couple hours now I have one rumbling for a couple days. I know a lot has been changing but I thought I would ask to see if anyone else’s videos are doing the same thing.


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I had uploaded three new videos at the same time, two went after 5 days straight from pending to live. No rumbling in between. The third one is still pending, no rumbling.
I have 3 pending and 1 still rumbling after 4 days. I love rumble because they were consistent and I have no patience! I hope they get caught up soon.
I hate the pending part as well; i have one video pending for 1 week now, usually when I uploaded in the morning (CET timezone) it would get approved (or rejectected ;)) in the afternoon. I'm 100% sure I didn't get a limited distribution mail in the meantime.
I loved when I could upload in the evening and get approval status first thing in the morning. Got me out of bed to check if my video was approved, LOL! I uploaded the video that is rumbling 2 weeks ago. I think they are at risk of loosing content creators at this point :(


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Hey everyone,

We do apologize for the current delay that we're experienced, and we've made a post to explain the situation,

A video rumbling for 2 weeks is a really odd issue as it should normally take up to 3 days. If anything like this happens to you and we haven't reported as a site wide issue, don't just mention it on the forum but actually send an email to support so we can start a ticket for you and track until it's resolved.

The community is fairly active and you must understand emails sent to support always take priority.

In this case I've started a ticket and will update @morganmitchell once it's done.
Thanks @Mario, the video was approved for full distribution yesterday!
Now I have had 3 videos rumbling, I have read some posts, but I was wondering what exactly “rumbling” is? My videos never tumbled long before, is this because things are still behind or is it something I am doing?


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The delay is still ongoing but we hope to catch up early next week. Rumbling means your video has been accepted but the system is queued up to figure out were to distribute it to.