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Guys, guys! Look! The point is elsewhere. There is the PENDING phase, where the video is sorted trough an algorithm. That means automatic. If is good enough, you will have it accepted almost instantaneously (same day, next day), but if not you will have it rejected. The RUMBLING phase comes in, when the quality can't be exactly decided trough the automatic process. And then they go trough a manual selection.
Now take that you have daily more than 1000+ videos. You can't just watch all of them (+ what jessed mentioned can be pretty the case. They can't monetize unlimited number of videos a day). So all in one, the RUMBLING phase can take up to 14 weeks or just simply 2. You can't really influence that anyway.
Rookie with a first "Rumbling" experience. Appreciate the explanation.
After all the service has been approved, it must also be appreciated.
This usually occurs within 24-48 hours of publication. Decides where it will go. This may also take some time.
I usually take the whole process 24-48 hours. It can last in different ways.
For 30 days you will need to accept or reject your message.
If you have uploaded a video for the first time, it may take several days or even weeks. So wait.