@cseh_17 Thank you for the detailed breakdown on the current procedures. I had always planned to re-upload all "rejected" videos after a bit of editing and it sounds like NOW is a good time to start doing it. I'm also about ready to begin embedding my "Rumble" linked videos in posts to see if I'm able to get a bump on my view counts. Thanks again and best wishes always!
Rumble rank is a very complex ranking system used from Rumble.
Basically every video you upload, is run trough an algorithm, that determines it's rank. If your video is performing well, and gets a high ranking, it will be accepted in couple of hours, or maybe one day. If it performs less better, it will Rumble for a couple of days. And if the ranking is low, but still up for full distribution, it will Rumble for a couple of weeks (7-8-9).
The ranking algorithm is, let's say, not public, but I can tell you, that from many, it takes in consideration among others, the number of your subscribers, how well are your videos performing, and and and...
i agree Kenica, would be nice to know why some get limited when you feel what you submitted is interesting and that others would think the same. I have learned from being on here just one a month ,that ** means so far ,always limited gets chosen by the rumble team. And also that changing a title can make a video go profit sharing, have had that twice.
Anyhow, its a learning curve for sure, please check out my channel and subscribe if you enjoy what i have published. Thanks, and ill do the same.
how do i make money from the videos i upload to rumble?
Hello Balarick and welcome to Rumble. I've sent you a message with a more detailed answer, but basically, you upload and hope to achieve "front page promotion" approval on your videos. "Limited Distribution" will generally mean less earnings. Rumble promotes your videos and places ads on them. Then they pay you 60% of all ad revenue. (It's a little bit more complicated when you look at YouTube earnings through Rumble, but 60% is the share on Rumble views and MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc)
Your goal is to upload interesting, unique and marketable videos that get you that promotion. Of course, that's the tricky part. Predicting what will be most marketable is a complicated process.