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Hello everyone, since there's no introduce sub-forum I'd like to introduce myself. I'm coming from a country called Bosnia and Herzegowina which is in Europe. I'm thankful to the Rumble Team that gave us such an opportunity to share our loved videos and monetize along.
Now my question is (I'm here for a 6 days so I got no experience) : 2 of my videos are "rumbling" as I was asking what does it mean many answered me that my videos got high chance of getting approved, and now I'm wondering can I do anything to increase my chance of getting my video approved while its "rumbling" or I just let it be as it is?
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Hope so .. It would be good if they introduce a system where they explain why your video was declined, cause keeping u worried if it's gonna get accepted or not for weeks can be frustrating.
Anyways thanks for sharing your experience!
I've currently "SOLD" 3 videos to Rumble with Profit Sharing (60/40) and so far have received $192.46 for 1 video on my first and only quarterly CASH OUT, via PayPal, after waiting for over 4 months. It was worth the wait and with more uploaded and sold videos comes the opportunity for much bigger quarterly payouts in the future.

I also have 3 other videos that have been "Rumbling" for several weeks and another video that was "REJECTED" for Profit Sharing. Here's a detailed article that I wrote and will continue to update regarding Rumble... http://bit.ly/1mpMiF1


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I'm wondering why is someone having their videos rumbling for 7 days and some are having them rumbling for 4 months (your example). I don't know why are they delayed so much, is it due to slow support or what ?
Sorry for my English. Good question Kenica. If i think like a business, i would buy the best videos faster ( 7 days or less ) to make money faster with partners and put the less good in wait until i get money from better videos to buy the '' less good ''.

Money managing the bankroll. I dont think they can buy 1000 videos a day ( maybe they can but why put all your bankroll all in ? Its like poker, bankroll mangement ).

Ye you got the point, but atleast they should qualify our videos then. Something like : best (will be bought within next 7 days) , good (will be bought within 20 days), etc etc .. This way we are waiting and we don't even know either will it be accepted or not .. If I know that it would be accepted 100% then it's no problem if I wait, but the other way its kinda iritating . Hope u got the point.
Guys, guys! Look! The point is elsewhere. There is the PENDING phase, where the video is sorted trough an algorithm. That means automatic. If is good enough, you will have it accepted almost instantaneously (same day, next day), but if not you will have it rejected. The RUMBLING phase comes in, when the quality can't be exactly decided trough the automatic process. And then they go trough a manual selection.
Now take that you have daily more than 1000+ videos. You can't just watch all of them (+ what jessed mentioned can be pretty the case. They can't monetize unlimited number of videos a day). So all in one, the RUMBLING phase can take up to 14 weeks or just simply 2. You can't really influence that anyway.
If your video is in "Rumbling" for longer than say 2 weeks I would contact support to look into it.

As for what is "Rumbling" cseh_17 explains it well except for the fact that the Rumbling process still utilizes the same automatic process from Pending. It just means that there is not enough data around the video, or not enough data in support of an approval or rejection.

You can assist your videos in the process by editing the title/description of the video and being more descriptive, perhaps provide background information to your video. For instance, if the video is of your dog playing in a lake, you should somehow include the breed of dog, and what lake it is, all information a viewer might want to know when watching your video. All this won't influence whether it gets approved or not, but it will speed the process along.
I think I have many rumbling for over 2 weeks. I have had a great experience with this site, many videos have been accepted, but after reading your last post, should I do anything about my rumbling videos or just wait? Thanks!
Wojtek. So if I understood right, you tell us, that if some of our video are "Rumbling" longer as 2 weeks, we should contact the Support team.

I would like to bring up 2 aspects here:

1. Since the forum, the support team answers to much less questions that you send on email.
2. I did it already 2 times (one of the videos was more then 10 weeks on rumbling) and the answer was the typical one: it's normal, you have to wait, blah blah. SO it didn't really helped.
Hi everyone! At the moment we understand your concerns regarding "Rumbling" content. Moving forward, there have now been strategies put in place which should prevent videos from "Rumbling" longer than 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience. We're looking forward to featuring all the great content being uploaded to Rumble! - Claudio
Same Kenica.

How to know how much you will receive for each rumbling videos ( if it accepte ) on the non-exclusive licence ? $50 to $500 ... So now what happens when the video is sold ? We receive an email to confirm if we accepte the amount you think our videos Worth to you ?

The only thing i know it my first video i will have $75 because its the video that an official rumble member recruited me with and promesss me i will have it.

One thing that could be amazing is what a member talked about was to know who are our refferrals.

The same on the other side. You will probably have 75$. And what if you would have sold your video with exclusive management, and in 3 months, you would have received 3*40$?

As an answer to your question, you will probably receive a mail that will confirm that your video was accepted, and 75$ will be added to your Rumble account. Than you can proceed with the withdraw through PayPal. That will probably happen to all other videos.

But as it already was said, your chances that a video will be accepted for non-exclusive management, are more likely than for exclusive management.