Rumbling into Full Distribution

Wondered, does anyone know the likelihood of a 'rumbling' video getting full distribution instead of just limited?

I have uploaded a few that has had limited distribution. I accepted one just to see how it goes.... hardly any views so decided I won't accepted limited for now again. But just wondered if anyone knew the answer or is it all just chance?
Yes, mine rumbled 3 or 4 days before getting full. Other times it will rumble a shorter time and you will get offered limited. You basically are in the cue if you are rumbling and the decision will come down soon and you will be notified in your email. It's a waiting game.
Thanks David, I have had 2x rumbling videos for two days now I think..... one which got accepted straight away yesterday (Scottish accent one which is doing fairly well I guess) and then 2 more rumbling... being patient is not a strong point but sure rumble will teach me to be :)