Rumble Viral YouTube subscribers reach 500k!

I have watched the subscriber base on Rumble's YouTube channel grow at approximately 1000 new subscribers per day. It hit 500,000 this morning.
What this means for us is a lot of exposure on videos that get promoted there (generally, front page promotion or profit sharing means YouTube Viral Channel exposure).
This can account for 15-25% of my earnings. This is a huge chunk of income, and is especially welcome when most of us experienced the complete loss of income on our own YouTube channels recently. In truth, 3 years of effort didn't make me anything I could cash out anyway.
While it is clear that Rumble views are more profitable per thousand, and are also generally more numerous, what we may not realize is that Rumble is also gaining more recognition and acceptance on social media in general.
The shares on FaceBook are becoming more numerous, I believe largely because the Rumble link is becoming as acceptable and recognizable as the YouTube link.
In summary, Rumble is becoming more of the "recognizable brand" that once belonged exclusively to YouTube.
One more reason why Rumble is impossible to beat for content creators.

Congratulations Rumble on reaching an impressive milestone and congratulations to all you other content creators who are reaping the rewards!
I 2nd. all of this... If we can work out a deal for my expertise in developing Brands, such as Rumble... expect a Gold PlayButton award in 1/3 of the time it took for them to reach 500K subs... Even better, if Adam (NetNobody) signs the deal i secured for him, i will wave my fees for 1 full year. I will dedicate myself, my team to building Rumble into the NEW platform for 'Content Creators'. Remember within the next 24 months or LESS YouTube will no longer be free to watch videos or subscribe to content creators. It will also be filled with the same crap we are almost forced to watch on telestrial, cable & satelite services. BUT, all those advertisers will need Rumble for their ADS... This is both sad & exciting, i miss the $1K+ a day i was making when they (YouTube) killed me, the 100's of millions of dead links makes me sick even now... Anyways, i am releasing videos all week from my celebrity clients, some raw & uncut some polished, edited & well produced... It's content you will not find anywhere else.

@chrisrumble congrats on your achievements, DM me let's get that Gold Button before summer...