Rumble Viral Ranks 1st on YouTube for Pets & Animal


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According to Tubular Labs, Rumble Viral has taken the top spot for the Pets & Animals vertical. In the past 365 days the channel has registered over 200 million views and over 110 million views on their pets and animals videos. This puts Rumble 6 million views ahead of 2nd spot and 75 million views ahead of 10th spot in the Pets & Animals vertical.

The Rumble Viral YouTube channel is owned and operated by, a platform where video creators distribute and monetize their videos on multiple platforms. “Being #1 in Pets & Animals is great. But we’re even more proud of the fact that we pass 90 percent of the revenue on our YouTube channels back to the original creator.” Says Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble. “We’re often asked, how and why are we doing this? The answer is simple, our business stands on its own without YouTube revenue.”

When the company distributes user videos to 3rd party platforms or through the Rumble video player, the creator receives 60 percent of the revenue share, opposed to the 90 percent when distributed to YouTube. Their channels on YouTube are just one of the hundreds of places that Rumble helps distribute viral and social video. The company recently announced distribution partnerships with Reuters, The LAD Bible, LittleThings and ViralNova. This adds to the impressive roster which already includes MSN, AOL, and Yahoo among many others.

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