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Very disheartening for you, I'm sorry. Some of those numbers don't make sense to me. I hope you get help. I'd get in touch with people at Rumble, not just here. I'd also ask David for his awesome write up of how to be successful here too if you already haven't.

Getting a truly viral and famous video is like getting hit by lightening I think. I got hit 2x. I know it's likely it wont happen again. So I've focused on amount of content, and am trying to get outside moneys (affiliates, products) with youtube. I've no luck which is weird as that is how many people make good money on YT nowadays. And then you are lucky if the views on highly successful and viral video's popularity keeps up for a long time. I am waiting to wake up one day and have it all crashed. I'm already on a fast downward spiral on Youtube and a scary downward spiral here. I'm not getting full distribution like I used to. Youtube is particularly frustrating (my own channel). I've lost a LOT of views over the last couple of months. I'm down to 2.7k per video I put up. I know thats a lot. But I was getting tens and even hundreds of thousands regularly on a few at a time before. Its really dried up. I am scrambling to keep up with what people like, trying new things, etc. to now avail.

I am a retired writer. It was a hard business and I"ll tell you why. For the life of me, I could not figure out my readers. And my editor told me that outside of formulas just to keep things going in the magazine world (a general reader base), you never will. The stupidest, most boring things took off. And ones that were unique, entertaining and even heart string pulling? Nothing. I'll give you an example. I did an article on people getting Ferret Day to be an official holiday. My biggest article. And it was booooooooooring. Then I did story after story about things like the only exotic small animal shelter in the U.S. and it being run in part by an autistic boy. Nuffin. Wtf?! My favorite topic was a lady that lived through Hurricane Katrina in the hardest hit of all places ... Biloxi Ms which was virtually wiped off the map. She stayed to protect her ferrets when she couldn't get out because of the rescuers and evacuators refusing to take pets. I had a harrowing story, a unique story, about a heroic woman in the face of tragedy. They lived through it barely. She now lives up north on welfare and with a lung disease from the mold. This was a gal that had a big house and money. And did it all for seven little souls. NOTHING. WTF!!!!!!!

So I ramp up my hobby, Youtubing because my viral video came right at the time I retired from writing. AGAIN... I... .can't... figure out my viewers! Blurry annoying videos have taken off. And hilarious and unique ones have not. I've tried it all too, even doing a type of vlogging no one else is doing. I'm trying it all. And its all over the place with no rhyme or reason. I know what gets me consistent pennies. And I work with that. But I certainly dont know what will be accepted for full promotion here and what will be successful here or not.

I can suggest one thing. My biggest video that broke out, was not licensed with anyone. You see I was approached by Unilad and I told them to use it for free. Why? I knew the video was good. And if it never took off, I didn't want them to have it forever and be locked in with them. I wanted it for sale in case it ever did take off. It was an awesome plan that normally would've worked. My video was up for over a year on YT before being approached by Jukin and others. It hit millions in a matter of a couple of days on Unilad. I missed out on a lot of money. BUT had i gone with someone else like Jukin? It may have never have even been seen, and they'd have it forever!!!! Know how I know this? Because I sold it to Jukin while it was viral on Unilad and have not made ONE CENT with them. They never promoted it that i know of. I hope I'm making sense here. In summary, because of Unilad it was shown all over. Because of Unilad, I was discovered by a few places, Rumble being one of them. Because of Unilad I have been successful (for a while). Jukin failed me. But Rumble did not. They exceeded expectations and with a video not NEAR as good as the one Jukin has dumped into their vault out of view.

I have been recruited by Viral Hog, Storyful, Newsflare and I forget whom else. Yah. Um. Pennies. Meanwhile on YT? Hundreds of thousands of hits on the same videos they have and YT has made me some money. I have no clue wth they are doing to not make more than 0-200 dollars on my videos. My videos here are promoted much of the time. Oh and here's something else... no one, no one is at my disposal like rumble. I write and I get a response in hours to a couple of days. I can come here. I can TALK to people. And outside of YT, no one is so transparent with things or gives me the analytics that Rumble does. I get a flipping email a month with vague totals, etc. One of them? Has NO website/page for creators. You have no account!!!!!! How crazy is that?! I know you have no luck here. I can suggest to farm things out. I will say, everyone I know has trouble with Jukin so absolutely dont go with them okay?

Trip I'm so sorry again.


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Ps, my largest video only has 4million views. That alone here has made me a lot of money. This is why I said it doestn make sense to me, so I'm following this thread.


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P.s, I am not a greedy person but the thing is, it is like you said getting a hit is like being stuck by lightening, ( unlikley to happen again )............ I had around 4 million views last month and was paid ..(well I have not got it yet) but it says 29 cpm you tube earnings