Rumble videos are a good way to share tips and information


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I hope everybody is staying safe and doing well.
As the world faces new challenges, our purpose for uploading videos may change in some ways. I know that people are interested in sharing things that help others. This might be the time to make videos about adapting and facing these challenges.
Why not consider quick videos about hygeine hacks, cooking from scratch, gardening, community solidarity and helping others, or inspiring stories of how people are managing?
I know that revenue from videos is always one motivation to upload, but there are many other reasons to do so now.
We are all in this together. Let's share the things we can.


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Agreed. My submission showing the change in the boundary between the United States and Canada near my home regarding traffic volumes hopefully showed the viewers the drastic changes lately. We do need to stay safe, and making changes is always tough. For us, travel abroad has had to be cancelled, and even a simple dinner with our children that no longer live at home, we have cancelled. These decisions are hard on us as seeing our grandchild is taking a back seat right now. We are practicing social distancing from others as best as possible. Lets hope this country of ours,Canada, gets a grip on this virus so we can all relax a little and get back to a somewhat "normal" life.