Rumble - Video Battles for iOS out now!


Hi won't download it say not available to the region.
If I follow the link in the 'Your video is rumbling' email for iOS phones it also says "not available in your region" but if I search in the app store for 'Rumble - Video Battles' it does show up and can be downloaded. I think the link in the email is only for US/Canada people, which it should specify really if that is the case.


Support for iOS 14 beta is not supported yet but it's coming soon.
Just noticed this, is that why tickets don't work for me at all now? They did originally when the iOS app was released, but now I earn tickets, they build up, but then when the battle ends and a new one starts, my tickets stay there and don't get entered into the draw, then later on the next day they reset to zero and the cycle continues.


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This has happened again today. It reset to zero and I lost over 100 tickets with a couple of hours left on the battle ☹
The videos that are so short they stop you being able to continue swiping videos is getting super annoying too 😤 I think all videos should be a minimum of 6 seconds so it doesn’t break the app like it is currently.
as we mentioned above, support for iOS 14 beta is not supported yet but it's coming soon, and it looks like you are running iOS 14, that's why you're running into these issues.