Rumble to Invest $20M in its Video Community as it Broadens User Base

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In preparation for our presence at the NAB Show next week, I wanted to share an early look at an announcement we just made. As you know, Rumble was built with the goal of helping video creators, both large and small, maximize the value of their video. We've never wavered from that mission and our business has grown every year as we've stayed focused on executing our plan. As a result, today I can tell you we are on pace to invest $20 million in the Rumble community of video creators and professional producers.

Thanks for being a part of the Rumble community and I look forward to sharing more great news with you in the future. You can read our announcement below and I encourage you to share it with everyone you know.

Chris Pavlovski
Rumble CEO

Rumble to Invest $20M in its Video Community as it Broadens User Base

Rumble CEO to Deliver Remarks on Blockchain, TV Innovation at NAB Show

TORONTO, April 05, 2018 – Today Rumble announced it is on pace to invest $20 million into its community of global video creators and professional producers in 2018. Rumble’s community more than doubled in the last year, adding short form videos of heartwarming pets and wild animals, to hard news and science. Rumble now houses the largest inventory of video in its history, with more than one million video assets in its marketplace, provided by individual creators and content partners like Reuters, EW Scripps and PBS.

“We believe that creators, big and small, have a right to be recognized and compensated for the content they share online; that philosophy is resonating worldwide and enabled us to surpass key milestones,” said Chris Pavlovski, founder and CEO, Rumble. “As the digital video industry grows in size and complexity, from a technology standpoint, we have placed big bets on licensing and artificial intelligence. With our strong cash flow, we are on pace to continue investing in our creator community, delivering superior technology to our content partners and hiring in our new SoHo office in New York City.”

Anyone with a smartphone can build an audience for the videos they create and post on Rumble shares a cut of the proceeds when those videos are used across its network of approved publishers.


For the first time ever, last year more money was spent advertising online than on traditional television, according to research firm, Magna. Other studies analyzing bandwidth consumption signal average streaming hours are on the rise. Verizon’s Edgecast Content Delivery Network reported Rumble scaled from 2 million to 250 million streams per month over three years.

In February 2018, Quantcast, which specializes in audience measurement, ranked Rumble as a top 10 mobile site in the U.S., generating an audience of over 36 million unique viewers monthly.

In addition to providing a distribution platform for digital video, Rumble provides a full stack video solution for digital publishers who have proprietary content. Publishers have historically struggled with the high technology costs of operating their digital video businesses. Rumble eliminates those costs with a cloud-based service that provides a content management system with a high performance video player, integrated hosting, streaming and analytics that are all connected to Rumble’s advertising exchange.


Rumble is exhibiting at the NAB Show, the annual conference hosted by the National Association of Broadcasters, being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from April 7 – 12, 2018. The conference brings together the media, entertainment and technology industry and Rumble will be located in South Upper hall at booth #9606. On Wednesday, April 11, 2018, Rumble founder and CEO Chris Pavlovski will give remarks on how Blockchain technology will impact the future of video at 2:30 and participate on a panel covering TV Innovation at 4:00 in the CM|IP Theaters.

About Rumble
Rumble connects video creators to online publishers and advertisers. Rumble screens, hosts, licenses and distributes streaming video around the world. It gives creators a share in the economics, publishers a cost effective video infrastructure and brands a safe place to advertise online. Based on Toronto, Rumble has earned top rankings from comScore, Alexa and Quantcast since its formation in 2013.

Media Contact:
Meghan Roman
Rumble Public Relations


Wait. Hold the buses! Chris is going to be speaking about Blockchain at NAB!? Now I really want to know what you guys are up to! :)


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I love Rumble and as @EmotionsofAfrica wrote, proud to be associated with it. It is great news that you're investing a lot of money into the business to make it grow. My only worry is, that bigger doesn't mean better. As the user base is growing we're already seen longer queues until our videos start to rumble. As there is nothing happening over weekends we seen a lot more spam. News, video watching doesn't stop at weekends why does Rumble? I sincerely hope as more people join, you don't loose touch of what is important to the creator. I know you done a brilliant job so far and always looked after the creators. Like the addition of @Mario who is doing a great job to answer all our questions. I'm hoping I'm wrong and bigger does mean better! :)
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