Rumble should provide basic editing tools like Youtube.


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I think rumble should provide some basic editing features for the videos.
like rotate the video, trim or any other basic thing possible. So we don't have to go and edit the video in the editor and render it which takes a lot of time.
I know these small tools will be useful only when the video don't need so much of editing.


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I got news for you, youtube discontinued its video editor program months ago. Now you can just download the royalty free music. I often used the video editor on there , it was very basic but easy. I had to break down and buy an editing program because of this,
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There are many mobile video editing apps out there. iMovie and Videorama are very good. RFV is a great rotating video app. For desktop I use Final Cut Pro, but I started with Movie Maker (free) about 10 years ago. There are several that are free and very good. There are also very good video editing tutorials to follow to sharpen your skill. Good Luck!


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Hi guys,

We don't have an editor and currently we have no plans to release one. There's really good editing software online that can be found for free and even better ones paid or with a subcription.

We feel that our effort is better spent in distributing content than working on software for which there is already so many options in the market.

When you upload content to Rumble is should be finalized. And any effort to create, edit, describe and title your video should be done prior to the upload stage, that's how the pros do it, and we feel that it's one of those things that separate them from the users that take a more casual approach to video creation.

Either way you want to do it is fine, but remember that once your video goes live the content of the video except for the title, tags and description, cannot be altered.