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What is the significance of showing the number on our profiles?
I think just 'likes' but in this older thread:
Chris Rumble says "Rumbles" will become a very important part of video metrics in 2019. This is our first rollout to help our loyal users get a head start in building their authority. I would highly suggest commenting, upvoting and downvoting comments you like and don't like.
Okay, but I didn't think that number had anything at all to do with forum posts, likes, comments, etc. I think the rumble count only has to do with

the video side of rumble.


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YouTube is a wealth of information. I'm a self-taught shreditor (shooter, producer, and editor ) and everything I learned and keep learning is from YouTube videos and practice and more practice. If you need a blurred background, go to YouTube there are a lot of tutorials. Videos are much easier to follow than someone explaining it to you. The good thing is with YouTube if you don't like your teacher, choose a different video, it's all there.