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Views on Facebook have no ads and no revenue. Basically, your video was watched 60M times for free. We all have videos that have done the same, on a smaller scale. I believe that a viral video will be more likely to be watched on a paying platform if it is seen and talked about elsewhere. But it's hard to know what real benefit you might have gotten from that.
Is your question really about why your video didn't get watched more on Rumble than other videos? That is as impossible to answer as a question about why the world prefers one ice cream over another. The internet's appetite defies logic and reasoning at times. If not, we would all have a viral video every week.
I also find it is unhelpful to compare your videos with others. I see people in this forum doing that and it will rarely answer questions about why yours didn't get approved or why yours didn't perform. It's more helpful to ask what your video might be missing that theirs had.
I have videos that perform well on one platform and fall flat on others. That's another mystery that defies explanation.
But your video can also start getting views again at any time. It's never dead.
My question is: How much would you have made if you didn't upload it on Rumble? Likely nothing...?
I'm glad you got it monetized when you did and I hope it takes off again.