Rumble Launches Video Embeds for Reddit with No Ads


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Hi folks, I've read the whole thread now and I am sorry to say I still don't get it. What I understand is that from now on it's possible to have your Rumble-videos displayed on the Reddit platform, although there will be no advertizing around it so it won't give any revenues. -which I am not familiar with- seems to have to do with it too.... My question: what should I do to if I like to try this and put one of my Rumblevideos on Reddit right now? I hope some people here can clear this up for me....
I'm not familiar with either, but you can directly add a video to a community on Reddit (if your video suits the theme and rules of this community) by clicking on the icon of reddit (at the right top of your video here on Rumble). Then you are directed to the website of reddit and you can choose a community to add it to. First of all you have to make an account of course and join some communities you like and where it is allowed to add videos.
Hope this helps you. Succes!


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Make the switch obviously means to the rumble platform. You clearly had about 17,000 views on the RUMBLE platform. Rumble will show you stats from other platforms but 1) they might have already been paid out by those platforms 2) they have to be legitimate plays 3) the calculator you are using to come up with your number never claims to count non-rumble platform views. Sorry to add to this on a thread where this isn’t even the subject