Rumble Inc. Content-ID claim on my own content

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My own videos are being claimed by Rumble Inc. Does the happen each time I upload my videos to Rumble, if so, than I put an hold on uploads to Rumble.
Youtube's content-id did this. The manager of that account should exclude my videos. That's the reason I had to provide on the url where the original content is uploaded in first place.

I have mailed a complaint mail and I have filed two copyright claims back. I have been advised to join Rumble,but I never did in years just exactly for this idiotic reason.

No more new content on Rumble that's for sure.

This is very insulting and disrespectful to a content creator.
No Chris, no you are putting it on me. No matter if I select Youtube or exclude Youtube, does not reserve the rights to claim exclusive copyrights over my original content as provided during the upload.

ps: Thanks for the apologize.
I hope it worked out, I m sorry if I gave you bad info. I was on youTube since 2009 and my videos made very little. I was freaked out when I got that first copyright e-mail and contested it and sent a million e-mails to rumble. Thankfully, they reassured me and I felt a bit more comfortable going forward. 2 years later I am at over $23,000 and so many exciting opportunities from rumble. I don't work for them but try to help sometimes in the forums....and often mess up. I hope I didn't dissuade you from Rumble.


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If you can make money on your video elsewhere then you may not want to choose video management, but how is it possible to make any amount close to what you make with Rumble? I have made approximately 100 times the amount I made on YouTube in three years but it took me less than a year to do so with Rumble.
If you're patient, it pays really well.
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