Rumble Earnings and Cash Out?


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So I'm making a decent amount on my Rumble Earnings, but the account overview says I have VERY little to cash out?

Do I not make the Rumble Earnings ? Or is that just telling me how much Rumble are earning from my videos? If so, I think it's slightly unfair



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Hi there
It takes about 2 months for the estimated earnings to become finalized. I started at the beginning of August and I got my first payout end of September. Be patient and all that estimated $ will be available for cash out


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That's correct, what you see on estimated becomes finalized at the end of the following month, allowing the user to cashout.

Finalized earnings belong to the user 100%.


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ah ok, I just didn't know if the rumble earnings were mine. At the moment it stays I have $113 in the rumble earnings but only $0.30 to cash out...


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Mine is the same. I think cash out is behind it normally sorts out around 23rd of the month but mine hasn't think rumble must be waiting to see what you tube are paying cpm


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Hello everybody.

Rumble posted and managed my first video here on 3rd November 2017 and today we have the 14th December. They said that the finalized earnings are shown in a net 30 system, that means within 30 days. And by my situations are now over 40 days and there are still no finalized earnings shown.

Does anybody know, if it this is a normal situation or when could I see the finalized earnings and cash them out?
I started to worry.

I really appreciate you for your time and help.

Kind Regards,



The Rumble finalized earnings, are still due, and will most probably show up somewhere at the end of the month.
Taking into consideration that December is the holiday month, it will probably have some unusual delay.