Rumble Defects, Deficiencies, Questions and Suggestions.


I'm a big fan of Rumble, but like all websites there are always defects, deficiencies and questions that need to be resolved, improved and answered. In addition, suggestions and recommendations by actual users should always be considered.

Here's a few issues that I've noticed and have questions about...

1. Logging on with mobile devices like iPhones and iPads is NOT user friendly.
2. The NEW Rumble APP doesn't recognize my username and password.
3. We do NOT know WHO has Subscribed to our Channels.
4. We do NOT know who a referral is until they actually earn money.
5. Are 1099s for miscellaneous income earned going to be issued by Rumble?

What questions do YOU have about Rumble and how can they improve the website?

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Hi Richard, I'd love to tackle these questions for you.

1. Yes, we plan to make the website more friendly for members. Have you tried downloading our mobile app? You can search for "Rumble Video" on both Iphone and Android. This experience caters to users much more.
2. Make sure you log off the application. Then log back in and select "Already have an account? Sign in now" link. It should work, if not, we will look into this further for you.
3. Correct, this will change as we build out our technology.
4. Same answer as above.
5. I'm not sure what you mean by 1099?

Looking forward to your reply.


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Hi Yates. Good points on #3 and #4

Oh, and could you tell me which videos you sold non-exclusive and exclusive ?


Hi boomerangsbyVic, Thanks for your comment. I usually have mobile issues with Rumble, but seldom have any problems with my desktop. In fact, earlier today I tried to get on the "Community" page with my iPad and it just kept blinking on and off. But right now on my desktop...NO Problem.


Hi chrisrumble, You're definitely totally involved and very engaged with ALL Things RUMBLE related. Good for YOU!

1. Yes, I have downloaded and tried the mobile app but found it to have at least one defect, like NOT recognizing me by my Username and Password, which is always accepted on the desktop version.

2. On a mobile login attempt, it generally takes me to the app store first, which I have to close before seeing the login screen. It's an irritating extra step when I'm redirected to the app store every time I log in.

3 & 4. Thank you for taking action on these two items, it will really help with networking, etc.

5. As an Independent Contractor, I receive an annual 1099-Misc which shows how much money I make, in lieu of a W2. Since I also hope to make a lot of money on Rumble, I assume that I'll be tax based upon my Profit Sharing income. Is that true and how is that money going to be reported to the IRS?

Thank you for responding so quickly and best wishes always!


Hi Jessed, I'm ALL IN when it comes to Rumble Videos, which means that I only go for the Profit Sharing "EXCLUSIVE" Option. These are the 3 videos that I "SOLD" to Rumble...

Rumble may change the title, description, etc. and are free to promote THEIR acquired video any way they wish to earn the most money possible, which we will share 60/40 which I believe is calculated off the NET profit. The better our videos, the more they'll promote it and the more money WE will both make. It's a great deal!

As of right now, not all accepted videos are the same and there is a distinction between "guaranteed" distribution and "limited" distribution. Here's an email that I received today regarding one of my videos that has been "Rumbling" for several weeks...

"Congratulations, your content "How to catch a fish while having fun" has been approved for Limited Distribution. This means your video will be managed exclusively across all video platforms, but we can not guarantee distribution to top tier partners. If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below within 30 days: (This is a link to my video, not their link)

If you do not wish to accept this, please disregard this email, and Rumble will take no action on your video".

Team Rumble

Basically, I believe they are saying that the Main Players (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, etc.) have declined the video or the video review committee has determined that it simply didn't make the cut for the Big League. However, if WE want to actively promote the video and/or they decide to do something with it, then we can still do a 60/40 split on Rumble + a 90/10 split on YouTube, with limited exposure and the probability of limited monetary returns for both of us. They probably won't do anything to promote the video, unless they stop growing so quickly and everyone stops uploading NEW videos.

Let's face it, not ALL of our videos will make the cut, but this is a much softer landing than having a video "REJECTED" plus they give us an opportunity to pull out of the offer completely by taking no action within 30 days and WE are free to do whatever we want with OUR video with NO SPLIT. Personally, I'd rather take the spilt deal with the far fetched belief that one day my cherished video will become VIRAL.

If my understanding regarding this topic is incorrect, I'm sure that a Rumble Staff Member will correct my statement.

Good luck and best wishes always.


@chrisrumble I have an iPhone 4S with iOS8.1 and did notice that the Rumble App (Version 2.0) states that it's optimized for the iPhone 5, 6 or 6+, but that's the app I'm using (2.0). I have the same issues with both my iPhone and iPad. My desktop experience is fine.

BTW: I tried using mobile (with and without the App) last night to respond to your comment, but each time I hit the new "community" button and the page shows up, it just keeps flashing on and off. This happens with both my iPhone and iPad. It does NOT happen with any of the other buttons on mobile, nor does it happen on my desktop.


@jessed It wasn't ME! I might have deleted it, IF I had the power, just because I could, but I don't have the power. Let that be a lesson and don't ever let it happen again. ;-) I actually saw your previous comment before it was deleted, but I don't know WHY it was deleted. Better luck next time!


@Wojtek, Does your comment mean that WE won't receive "any" additional income reporting statement other than the amounts Rumble reflects on our individual "private" Balance and Stats, Account Transactions and Payment pages? If so, then I assume, it's up to us to determine if that income is reportable and "taxable", based upon "our" specific country tax codes. BTW: When will the expected November Payments be posted?


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I have that same bug on mine too. So, I was wondering about the AOL numbers, they don't ever seem to be reflected in the totals, and in some cases seem like they are not correct? Also, is there a place to add a referral after you have already registered?
For me, Yahoo says unavailable. I don't know how to get a referral after registration, best best would be to e-mail them.


I was thinking since a while ago about the the question: is the view counter for the uploader important or not?
Most of you would probably say, well as long as I get my money, I don't care, I have to put it the other way round...

Selling the video, and earning something from it, is out major goal. But think about it, that for the 6 months till the payments come, we have absolute no feedback on our video, beside the view counters... which in our case are mostly not working than yes.

First of all, there is the Microsoft counter, that for most of the users is like an urban mit. It is there, everybody saw it, but nobody say it working. Then the AOL counter that is buggy (although since a while is working nicely) and the Yahoo counter, which in my case at least, starts to stop working as well.

I don't know what to say. I am actually curious about your opinions. For example, I see no reason for the Microsoft counter if it's not working. It could be easily replaced with the one from The Loop for example.


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Yes the view counter is important to know if your video is doing well. On the other hand I earned most money out of the one with the lowest views.... (till now) I haven't seen any Microsoft numbers and AOL and Yahoo numbers fluctuate.