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Is it just me, I find it really difficult to find other peoples channel on here and subscribe. The search never gives me any result. Wouldn't it be much easier that when you're in a discussion and you click someones name that the channel info would be there? Also a subscribe link on that page would make things easier! Just an idea.


It's not that easy indeed. When someone asked me about my channel, I wasn't aware I needed to create one first. After that you need to add the videos manually (or I'm doing something wrong ;)).


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I would love to be able to click on people here and get to their videos too. It would increase views for everyone too. Hope that is in the works.


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i have found that if i search ,type in the name if you know it correctly, and hit enter, it doesn't work, but if i the the name and click on their search magnifying glass, it works try mine cdngreenwaterdiver


I subscribe to the original idea, click on the username here, and channel pops-up. I have to admit, I tried couple of times to check out some videos from some of the users around the forum, but literally never managed to get there in the end...

@cdngreenwaterdiver your username is exactly one of dose, that can get wrong on so many levels, by trying to type it correctly into search.


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@cseh_17 When I click on your name, you've got your channel there, how did you get it the info under activity? I tried to edit my profile, but it only gives you name and email choice.


They say, if you want to hide something, just leave it in front of their nose. Back then, took me a while to figure it out as well. ;)

Nevertheless, clicking on the username, and then getting directly to the channel, would be exactly one click less unnecessary clicking, in my opinion.

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It would definitely be MUCH easier!

But in the meantime, those that can't find a user's channel, just type and the username; that will redirect you to the user's page, showing all of their videos; if you click on a video, it will be most likely in a channel, so you can click on the person's channel from there.