Rumble Count and Estimated Earnings Goes Backwards

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I'm wondering why the Rumble View Count goes backwards at times often by several thousand views and the estimated earnings also drops


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I've had several of my videos doing this. One was out by 80,000 views, but typically the discrepancy is around 1,000 to 5,000. The earnings are doing the same for me. I have to say it is frustrating.
I'm assuming it's a temporary thing because it wasn't happening nearly as much before late May/early June.


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Please be patient, it took long time for my first 300k view video to get paid, one day suddenly I got nearly 300$ for that video
I wish I could get views that high and money to. I recently got payment a few days ago. I got six cents. If that is all I going to get from this point on keep it Rumble because I can't withdraw it anyways. I would like to know if I can delete my videos.
There was an internal BUG, the Rumble views were counted twice! All the views you lost are exact the half of the Rumble views before the lost.


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How long is this bug going on? I made a printscreen of the views of my videos in March and some videos had already more views than they have now....
Thats what I mean. The bug has been sorted out. What you see right now, are the REAL numbers. What was showed before was wrong. The Rumble numbers were counted twice.
Are we suppose to believe everything people throw at us. This is what they want us to believe. I wouldn't believe this if their tongue came notarized. I'm just tired and annoyed.


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Bree123, are you new to Rumble? I've been on here since February and I have received cash in the account a few times. It's real. What are your views like? What are your questions?
The counter still jumps around for me but the earnings don't do that anymore.
I've been with Rumble for a year and a few months now. Before they chopped my views in half one of my videos was close to 14,000. The rest of my videos views were in the mid to high thousands. My videos are better than most videos I've seen on here, but they just don't get the traffic.
I have seventy six cents that I can't get. I guess I will never be able to get it. I could use it right about now to buy me a candy bar.
@Bree123 "My videos are better than most videos I've seen on here, but they just don't get the traffic." have 4 videos of your pet kitten... sometimes rumble members need to take a long hard look at themselves!


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Your videos need to be what other people are looking for and what they are willing to share.
Can you post a link to one? I don't know how to find your videos to have a look.
Here are a few names of my videos: Kitten helps dog eat food, This is how my cat drinks water, and Adorable kitten tongue flicker.


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Bree123, You're going to need to add more videos to make serious money. I hear a lot of people talking about earnings and their expectations and it seems that they were counting on having a viral video on the first try.
Keep trying and you'll probably rack up enough money to make this fun.
My cat stops doing crazy stuff when I push record. If I don't pick up my phone he will keep doing crazy stuff all day long. I don't get it. I hope to put something up. Thanks for your help.
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