YouTube channel


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I just realized that the YouTube channel has 71.1k subscribers. As we know, the channel is used to upload the videos that do not go on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel. And to recap the reason behind that is that there is a limit to the number of uploads possible on a single YouTube channel. It's a YouTube issue, not a Rumble issue. While we obviously prefer promotion of our videos on the bigger channel, the second one is building a bigger presence. I recommend that we all subscribe to this channel. We will get notifications of videos from fellow Rumblers, and we will be supporting the growth of the channel.
I remember getting very excited when the first channel was at 125,000 subs in May 2016 after I had first joined. It was growing at 1,000 subs per day and look at it now.
We all benefit from this channel being developed.
Another thing that we can do is to share the videos that are on both channels on our social media. This will help build subscribers too.