Unveils Instant Video Syndication to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion


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Hi everyone, while at Vidcon we unveiled two major features for Rumble on Thursday. This is Part 1 of 2. Please note, regardless of how you use this feature, the claiming and management of your video entirely depends on the license you select. You can have your videos uploaded to all platforms without us claiming any of them, or you can have us claim and monetize all of them (if the platform allows). The choice is now yours.

Here is the official announcement:

<b> Unveils Instant Video Syndication to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion</b>, a Toronto based social video company announced at Vidcon they've integrated an auto syndication feature to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. The feature enables video creators to control multiple accounts on multiple video platforms directly from, creating a one stop shop for video creators.

"As a video creator you no longer need to go to YouTube, then Facebook, then Vimeo, etc. We've connected four video platforms to Rumble that auto syndicate instantly with just one-click." says the CEO, Chris Pavlovski. "This is a great tool for video creators that want a one stop shop to control all their social video accounts."

This feature allows the creator to connect to multiple YouTube channels and Facebook Pages. The company also revealed that they'll be adding more video platforms in the coming weeks, including but not limited to Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc.

Up until this announcement, Rumble was entirely focused on licensing social and viral videos for premium distribution to MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and countless other video platforms. With this announcement Rumble now offers a layer distribution for all video creators, irrespective of whether you work with another licensing company or want Rumble to exclusively manage your video. "We want video creators to have the freedom of choice; they can use us for premium monetization and distribution, or as a tool for distribution (without giving away any rights)" said Claudio Ramolo, Chief Content Officer of Rumble.


@chrisrumble Congratulations and thank you for adding this new feature! It's nice to see Rumble Video continue to add even more ways to increase views for active Members and Creators.

With regards to the new syndication feature... If we choose this option, is it on a video by video case and not for ALL videos on OUR Channels? Are the "syndicated" videos placed on RUMBLE hosted site accounts (like the Rumble Video Viral YouTube account) or our individual hosted site accounts? If we choose to syndicate a video, are the video descriptions the same for all sites or do we have the ability to individually edit video Titles, Descriptions and Tags on each site? Best wishes always!


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1. Its on a video by video case.
2. That depends on the licensing option. If you select video management, then yes. If you select the Rumble Player, then no. If you select Not For Sale, then no. Your licensing option determines whether we have any rights to put it on our own channels.
3. Currently, its the same descriptions and titles. Would you like the ability to change for each platform?